Mastermind Success Groups

Using Mastermind Success Groups to Reach Your Goals

The purpose of the TPGP Mastermind Success Groups is to support like minded individuals in a trusting and confidential way that committed business owners can focus on achieving the  fulfillment of clearly defined success goals in business and in life.

If you find yourself isolated or surrounded by people that just don’t seem to be able to understand your downright commitment to success, then get yourself into a mastermind group.

Mastermind Success Groups

Does it seem like sometimes you’re a bit of a mess and afraid people will discover that about you?  Here’s a little secret everyone is afraid to tell you…… we all have some sort of mess going on in our business and life.  We all are still working on figuring things out….. something is broken entirely, something is just off, or something is being completely avoided.  A Mastermind group can help you make progress on those inevitable challenges that always exist.  In fact, if there were no challenges, you likely don’t have much success happening either.  Success is a byproduct of taking action on our challenges.  Without challenges, we don’t have successes.

Mastermind Success Groups are designed to help you step out of your comfort zone and test your current thinking.  What you’ll find outside of your current comfort zone is how to get what you really want in life and business.  By not testing your comfort zone, you essentially stay stuck with what you currently have.  That could be a good thing.  If it’s not, then get yourself into a group of people that can support you in a new way of thinking.

You must become a different person in order to achieve different results.

The Profit Game Plan Mastermind Success Groups meet twice a month in person and are privately connected with a Facebook Group for support outside of the meetings.  Each meeting starts with a training thought by the facilitator and then proceeds to implement the new thinking into a current challenge.  Each member gets an opportunity for a profit seat position while the rest of the group acts in support to help the profit seat person make a breakthrough.

Membership in each group is limited to 7 people because  I have found that having more than this number seems to inhibit the growth of members.  Consistent attendance is essential for the group to be most effective.  If you are not committed to being at each meeting, then please use another resource to grow your business.

Membership is by application acceptance only.  Call Paul at 208-906-1801 to schedule a conversation to determine if there is a fit for both you and the group that will maximize growth for all members.