About Paul Mead

Hi, I’m Paul Mead.

about paul mead imageI’ve taken my two greatest passions, business and baseball, and combined them to create The Profit Game Plan System.  You’ll experience all the lessons taken from the baseball field & business leadership and discover how to apply it to your business to Command Your Results and Score More Profit.

Business can be complex, but applying the lessons learned on the baseball field can simplify things so that you can apply and execute the strategies with more ease.  After all, like the game of baseball, the whole point of business is to enjoy yourself and reap the rewards it can offer.  Simple is easier to implement and is much more fun than continuing to stay stuck in complexity.

4854017_m (2)While working as an auditor in public accounting, I quickly learned how being profitable in business was much more than having a product or service for sale.  It takes an effective strategy, strong skills and a focused mindset to be successful and profitable in business and life.  I also learned that looking at a financial statement alone doesn’t give you a complete and clear picture of how a business is doing.  Numbers can hide too many variables like incomplete strategies, lack of skills and sabotaging mindsets and don’t provide the best answers of how best to improve results.

9033996_sMaybe you are someone who may have a great business strategy, but lack the skills and mindset to execute effectively.  Or perhaps, you have great business skills and a strong mindset but need help in tweaking your strategy to be more profitable.  Numbers don’t tell the whole story properly so make sure to connect with me to help uncover the real challenge to being more profitable in your business.

Uncovering your real obstacles to profitability is easy with a 30-45 minute conversation that assesses your current situation, clarifies want you want and creates a next step profit plan of how to achieve your personalized business success.  It’s a powerful process that will leave you re-energized and focused on your next best steps.  I highly recommend you don’t delay in requesting your profit discovery conversation now.

My mission is to help eliminate small business struggle and failure for service based business owners and professionals.  Let’s connect and I will share how to implement simple, proven concepts and strategies that will bring massive profit growth to both you and your business.  Talk to you soon.

Request a Profit Strategy Conversation now by calling Paul Mead at 208-906-1801.