The Pitch book

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“The Pitch” book is about simple, powerful lessons learned on a Little League baseball field you can use to Score More Sales.

The Pitch book is a simple and powerful mix of a “father to son,” “coach to student,” and “survival to wisdom” story that teaches you how to score more sales easily.  The lessons learned on a baseball field teaches both young and old, the lessons of life and sales mastery, combined in a way that reduces your stress and helps you say goodbye to the dreaded “I hate doing this” feeling.

The main character Bob is a good guy but an average salesperson at best.  He knows something has to change, but is unsure about what needs to change or how to go about it.  Through a series of lessons he learns with his son Calvin’s  Little League baseball team, Bob discovers the key to becoming a master salesperson and, more importantly, he learns how to gain the freedom we all seek in life; to be happy and fulfilled.


After reading this book you will know:

  • How to get the sales you want without feeling pushy or manipulating
  • Why you naturally don’t like selling and how to change your results for good
  • How to take inspired action in selling to meet your profit goals

About the authors – Paul Mead and Brian Doke are avid baseball fans and this book shares real stories taken from the Little League baseball fields as they coached Little Leaguers how to become better baseball players, and even better people in life.