The Profit Game Plan

  7052094_s (2)Want A Profit & Success System to Command Your Results?

If you’re not getting the results you truly desire, do you know why not?  If you are committed to changing your results but find yourself stuck in a holding pattern or frustrated with past training that failed to deliver results, then The Profit Game Plan can help.

When you want to grow your business, you need a proven method that focuses and delivers results consistently and predictably.  Results are guaranteed because the focus is not on strategic and tactical information only, but more importantly on what drives human behavior to implement that information.  It’s a perfect combination of strategy and mindset growth to Command Your Results and Score More Profit.

Why You’re Not Getting the Results You Want

As a Certified Success Trainer for the Napoleon Hill Foundation, I discovered the missing ingredient to 98% of business struggle and failure.

While working as an auditor in Public Accounting, I realized the biggest business challenge is the Implementation of good information.  Even with access to great marketing, sales, and profit information and training, you can’t get the results you truly want without Implementing that information.

The missing ingredient is a proven, structured system that brings together a practical step-by-step external Strategic Game Plan AND a deliberate internal Mental Game Plan to achieve a consistent and reliable growing profit.  One without the other will only bring you constant struggle, self-doubt, and mind-numbing procrastination.

When you’re not getting the results you truly desire, you have a conflict between knowing what to do (your Strategic Game Plan) and executing what you know needs to be done (your Mental Game Plan).  You need to STOP and determine how will you get your Strategic and Mental Game Plans working together in harmony – which is what sets my work apart from others.

If you are not satisfied with your current RESULTS, then you must learn to APPLY a SYSTEM that allows you to Command Your Results both strategically and mentally.

Whatever You Can Conceive and Believe,

You Can Achieve…

Napoleon Hill’s success philosophy explains the biggest reason the majority of people struggle in business and life.  They simply lack a truthful understanding of how your RESULTS are created.  Most people tend to believe circumstances (other people or situations) control their results and therefore, they struggle to achieve the success they desire.  The small amount of people who have discovered that YOU control your results by how you R.E.A.C.T. to your circumstances are busy achieving huge success in life and business.



Napoleon Hill’s Law of  Success principles are the foundation of all current success teaching because they are based on natural laws of human behavior.  Napoleon did not create the laws, he simply organized and described the principles in a way that made it easy to understand. It’s like how Sir Isaac Newton did not create gravity, he simply discovered it’s properties and organized it into a usable formula.

However… knowing the laws and principles is not enough!  You must be able to Implement the success principles to your benefit to achieve the success you truly desire!

The secret weapon that “Think and Grow Rich” does not share openly (which Hill says he does purposely so that you will only “get it” once you are ready for it) is that there is a natural and progressive sequence to using the principles to Command Your Results.


You can skip ahead and  get the full secret explained by opting in to my short 3-page report explaining the full secret and how it can help you Command Your Results Professionally and Personally.  But for now let me share this first piece of the secret.

The Secret Weapon Steps to Take Control and

MASTER Business Success are:

The Secret Weapon Steps to Take Control of Your Business & Life

  • Meaningfully state what you want in detail with a burning desire (Conceive)
  • Accurately Assess your current circumstances
  • Strategically create your Game Plan to get what you want
  • Think Effectively (Believe)
  • Execute the Game Plan combining Strategy and Mindset (Achieve)
  • Review and Adjust the Game Plans as needed

Remember, there is a scientific reason for this exact process, in this exact order to get the results you truly want!



A Structured Profit Game Plan that Naturally Commands Your Results

My name is Paul Mead and I’ve created a simple and highly effective system to help you Score More Profit and Command Your Results Professionally and Personally.  Based on the success principles of Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”,  you’ll learn practical tools and powerful methods to make real changes in your business to create the results that matter most to you.  You get coaching and training support using a proven structured-framework focused on delivering healthy, profitable business growth.

Self-Employed Professionals and Executives work with me to dramatically and methodically improve your current Profit Results both professionally and personally.  It’s an effective, structured approach that allows you to Command Your Results using proven, natural laws of success as Napoleon Hill teaches in the famous book “Think and Grow Rich”.

The Profit Game Plan is a Results-Based Coaching and Training System that keeps you deliberately focused on growing a profitable business and personal life.  As a determined business owner or executive you want a way to specifically “Command Your Results” now.

I developed The Profit Game Plan System as a structured framework combining focused strategy and mindset growth.  It’s the perfect combination of knowing and doing so you can achieve your marketing, sales and profit goals.

The Profit Game Plan is simply the most powerful system you can use in your business success today.  Let me show you how to get started now.

I  can help you grow your business, guaranteed.  First, let me share a FREE Copy of my report “How to Command Your Results Professionally and Personally”.

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